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Fall protection

Natural fall protection material

Round gravel, wood chips, sand or bark mulch can be used as natural fall protection.
Depending on the fall height, the layer thickness must be adjusted.

Fall height 0 to 200 cm = minimum layer thickness 30 cm
Fall height up to 300 cm = minimum layer thickness 40 cm

The grain size is prescribed for these materials:

Round gravel

Grain size 2 – 8 mm*

Wood chips

Grain size 5 – 30 mm


Grain size 0.2 – 2 mm*

Bark mulch

Grain size 20 – 80 mm

* without silt or clay contents. Grain size can be determined by a sieve test.


Fall protection tiles / synthetic fall protection material

According to the standard, shock-absorbing floors are prescribed as fall protection. We meet these requirements with our HIC-tested fall protection tiles. The advantages of this flooring are largely dry and maintenance-free play areas. We have different types of fall protection tiles, depending on the type and manufacturer, the requirements to be met vary. Turf can be used as fall protection up to a fall height of 100 cm.
We offer our Flex solid rubber tiles in various dimensions and thicknesses. They are preferably laid on grit concrete, grit or sand. Bonding is possible on bounded soils such as asphalt or concrete.
The lawn grid fall protection tiles can be laid on grown terrain or in gravel lawns. They are then filled with turf soil and sports grass substrate.


Fall height up to 180 cm
Tile thickness 53 mm


Fall height up to 210 cm
Tile thickness 63 mm


Fall height up to 260 cm
Tile thickness 80 mm

Forced movement
Equipment with a free fall height of more than 60 cm or with forced movement:

Among all playground equipment with a free fall height of more than 60 cm or causing a forced movement of the user (swings, slides, cable slides, carousels, etc.), shock-absorbing floors must be provided over the entire impact area.

Equipment with a free fall height of less than 60 cm and without forced movement:

No testing of the critical fall height of the floor is required for this playground equipment. Except for hard floors, all cushioning floor types are permitted, for example grass.

At least lawn for fall
height up to 100 cm
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