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Playground equipment is firmly anchored in or on the ground. Foundations must be designed in such a way that they do not pose a hazard (tripping, impact). Especially with natural fall protection (round gravel, wood chips, sand), the foundation heads must be at least 200 mm below the playing level. Edges are to be provided with a minimum radius of 100 mm.

Protruding elements (e.g. screws, threaded bolts) must be at least 400 mm below the playing level or protected against the risk of injury by appropriate safety measures.

When choosing fall protection, attention must be paid to ensure that inspection of heavily loaded foundations is possible. This applies in particular to equipment where the stability depends on only one cross-section (e.g. single mast equipment).

Installation plans are available for all playground equipment from Bürli AG, which show the foundation dimensions to be created. The suitability of customer-specific installation depths are checked in advance and then the corresponding planning documents are prepared.

The quality of the concrete must be at least PC 300 or C25/30.

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