Material / Quality

Quality features

  • glued wood
  • screwed joints on wooden posts
  • welding points on steel feet to mark the playing level
  • polyamide protective caps as post covers

Pine wood

We only process knot-free and glued Swiss pine wood. These woods do not tend to form rough cracks and are therefore particularly rot-proof. All wooden parts are pressure-impregnated without toxic substances (EN standard 1176-1) and are very weatherproof.

Roundwood ø 13 / 18 cm

Square timber 11x11 / 11x13

Square timber with groove 9x9 cm

Chrome-free pressure impregnationing

Fresh impregnated

Short-term weathering

Long-term weathering

Robinia wood

The construction timber made of robinia roundwood (Robinia pseudoacacia) is not splintered, manually sanded and untreated - a literal natural product. The trunks tend to be crooked, out-of-round and twisted, which gives robinia playgrounds a particularly natural look. Robinia wood contains its own natural protective substances, but anyway silvering might occur outdoors. Cracking during the ageing cannot be ruled out.

A great advantage of robinia wood is that it may be concreted directly into the ground. Depending on the type of fall protection, different installation depths are necessary: 80 cm for natural fall protection, 60 cm for synthetic fall protection or grass.


We offer the special aluminium profiles in 4-sided, 11 x 11 cm, and 6-sided, 13 x 13 cm. They are stove enamelled as standard and available in the colours violet and turquoise green. On request, we can lacquer the profiles in any colour. The aluminium posts are concreted directly into the ground.

Violet according to NCS 4050/R 60 B

Turquoise green according to RAL 6016


and can be lacquered in colour if required. The tubular steel posts can be concreted directly into the ground.




Most of the coloured elements are made of polyethylene. They are UV-stabilised, maintenance-free and - what is most interesting - polyethylene is the most ecological and sensible plastic material around. Despite UV-stabilisation, however, the colour intensity diminishes somewhat over the years. It consists of carbon and hydrogen, like wood and other natural substances, and can be easily recycled. Our polyethylene panels are of the highest "purity" and quality, guaranteeing durability over many years.


Our polypropylene ropes are reinforced with an internal wire rope as standard. For swing seats, balancing courses and climbing equipment, the ropes are attached with a special connector and a pressed-on chain. For nets, we sometimes use net connectors made of polyamide, but most of the nets are spliced directly into each other.

Polyamide rope net connectors

Chain connection

Sports equipment and leisure

Our sports equipment is robust and weatherproof and can be left outside all year round. Our ping pong tables are available in polished artificial stone or acrylic concrete; textile or steel nets are optionally available. All football goals comply with SFV regulations.
Chessmen and millstones made of plastic have been popular for years. In case of loss or defect, individual elements can also be replaced. Ideal for storing the pieces or other outdoor games are our storage containers made of pressure-impregnated wood.

Park furniture

Our benches and tables are available in numerous models and designs with brackets made of concrete and solid wood, from aluminium and steel to nostalgic cast iron. As covering we use pressure-impregnated pine, raw and glazed larch or oak. We also have benches and tables made of aluminium, sheet steel or steel lattice made of woven wire mesh. Either way, outdoor park furniture should be cleaned periodically and be cared for according to the material. This way they can fulfil their beautiful and useful task in the long term.

Pressure impregnated pine wood

Glazed larch wood

Raw larch wood


Perforated steel sheet

Steel woven wire mesh

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